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Why choose to buy Plavix to prevent blood clots?

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Plavix (Clopidogrel)

Plavix consists of Clopidogrel drug as its active ingredient and is used to promote the thinning of blood by preventing the blood platelets from sticking to each other and form a blood clot. There is a tendency for the blood to form clots due to a certain heart or blood vessel disorders. Due to the predominant nature of Plavix in treating blood clots, it has been prescribed to millions of people over the years especially if they have suffered a heart attack recently. In addition, Plavix is also prescribed to individuals afflicted with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), which refers to a condition that causes decreased blood flow to the coronary artery. Due to the nature of the action of drug, there is a possibility of easy bleeding though the injury is minor. So, be extra cautious while taking Plavix. Avoid activities that are risky and augment the possibility of bleeding or injury.

How to take Plavix

Plavix comes in the form of tablets that need to be administered orally. This pill is not known to interact with food, so it can be taken either with or without food. This pill is manufactured in 75 mg and 100 mg doses and the dosage recommendations depend on the condition the person is associated with. It is best to consult a physician before getting the individualized dosage suggestion. Plavix generic version is also available in the market and it is bioequivalent to Plavix brand in its strength and efficacy.

If you happen to miss the daily dose of your medication due to hectic schedule or any other reason take the dose as soon as you remember. But if it is already the next day then continue with your normal dose and skip the dose that you have missed. Do not take the tablet twice to make up for the missed dose. This will cause an over dosage on the medication. If you are perplexed about where to order Plavix from, you can buy Plavix pills from many authentic online pharmacies or any brick and mortar stores. However, obtain Plavix only from pharmacies who pledge on the authenticity of the product. You can even order Plavix Online without a prescription. A major benefit of obtaining products online is you can do your own research on the genuineness and prices available on each website. This same task will be cumbersome if you want to physically hop from store to store to get the product that satisfies your needs.

Remember the following before ordering Plavix

Before getting Plavix make sure that you are not allergic to Clopidogrel or currently have an active bleeding resulting from any surgeries. If you are suffering from active bleeding, you should refrain from taking Plavix. Prior consultation from a medical doctor mostly takes care of all these dangers. Also inform them about your medical history and the medications that you are currently taking to treat any of your ailments.

If you need to go through a dental surgery, stop taking Plavix 5 days prior to the dental treatment, to prevent excessive bleeding. This medicine should not be stopped abruptly. Usually people have a tendency to ignore their health until serious symptoms appear. So after getting recommendations from a doctor take Plavix for the whole duration even no serious symptoms have been noticed.

If you are afflicted with a bleeding or clotting disorder, kidney diseases, stomach ulcers, or have a history of heart stroke, do indicate to your doctor so they can determine if Plavix is for safe for you. Although Plavix is not proved to cause any harm to a pregnant women or the unborn baby, to on the safer side, inform your doctor. Plavix was also not known to pass into the breast milk but nursing mothers should abstain from breast feeding the new born while taking Plavix.

As with any other chemicals formulations available on the market Plavix also comes with few side effects but most of these can be avoided by taking medications as stipulated by your doctor. Some common symptoms include blood in the stool, presence of blood in the cough, unstoppable nose bleed, symptoms of heart attack (pain in the chest, nausea and sweating).